I Can Probably Die Happy…

A Joss Whedon musical starring Neil Patrick Harris? Yep, I’m so in.

In other news, I have the third booksigning in the Rites of Spring (Break) tour today. Come see me in Reston, Virginia. Food! Goodies! More books than you can shake a stick at!

*Virginia Signing*
Barnes & Noble
1851 Fountain Drive
Reston, VA 20190

And the workshop is going strong over at Romance Divas. If you ever wanted to see the nuts and bolts of plotboarding, check it out! (link below).

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6 Responses to I Can Probably Die Happy…

  1. Cara King says:

    I’d heard something about the Whedon thing, but I had no idea what it was. Now I’ve seen the trailer (thanks!), and….I still kind of have no idea what it is. But I’m stoked! And that’s what’s important.

    Good luck with the signing!


  2. Loved Act I. Especially the musical numbers.

    Oh, the emotional conflict!

    Looking fwd to Act II.

    BTW I never did get to see the free one. I gave up and paid the 2 bucks on i-tunes

  3. Teri Brown says:

    My very first in-store signing is on Saturday… I am nervous!

  4. Liza says:

    I found the Whedon site thanks to Jaci Burton. I have it saved to my favorites and loved the fisrt act.

  5. amanda ashby says:

    Neil Patrick Harris is the best Dr Horrible ever! He totally works those goggles and gloves!!!!

  6. nessa says:

    It was great meeting you 🙂 I can’t wait to dig into the book (I am forcing myself to wait, I have already packed it. Yes, I am one of *those* people who pack weeks ahead of time and makes lists). My son (mickey mouse) had a ball looking at flags. He came home and told wonder boy that he wanted to go to Italy 🙂

    I have Act I on my IPhone and can’t wait to watch it!!! Joss is my hero 🙂