I now present…. Madeleine Albright

Bet you didn’t know I was this cool (from The City Paper):

As the Borders manager said last night, apparently the writer of the Secret Society Girl books is much better connected than anyone suspected.

Thanks so much to everyone who came to the signing. A special shout-out to lurker Robin. Hi, Robin!

I read, answered questions about my books, my time at Yale, my working wardrobe (hint: pajamas) and my wedding colors, and signed books. They had a positively enormous display of Under the Roses right out front in the window. Also, I found out that when I’m not undercover as Madeleine Albright, I’m undercover as Diana Peterfruend. Check it out:

Close enough, right? I’ve learned that people have a hard time pronouncing it, no matter what way it’s spelled. Man, that poster is big. I’m so glad that the Borders employees didn’t show it to me until AFTER the signing, or I really would have had a panic attack.

Here I am with Borders publicity coordinator Stephany. (By the way, there are still some signed copies at the Rockville Borders for anyone interested in picking some up.)

And a good time was had by all.

Back to rewrites! This morning has been such a wash. First Blogger was down. Then my computer crashed. *my* computer. My Mac. Fearful, I did a huge backup, and that’s been my day so far. Pantalaimon the iBook, whatever am I going to do with you?

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16 Responses to I now present…. Madeleine Albright

  1. Bill Clark says:

    What a great report!! Didn’t I tell you book-signings could be fun? (Especially when you get to masquerade as a former Secretary of State – however do you do it??)

    *Bill sighs in admiration*

    Yeah, I was having trouble with Blogger this morning, too – I figured it was because your fan club faithful were all trying to access your blog at the same time. πŸ™‚

    Hope Pantalaimon is feeling better and will stop shape-shifting and settle down as a well-behaved iMac!

  2. Marley Gibson says:

    I think it’s amazing that a former Secretary of State would take time out of her busy schedule to come do a book reading from your fabulous UNDER THE ROSE. What a true, patriot America that Madalyn is. :::giggle:::

  3. Kristin says:

    Like the longer hair, Diana.

    Mentally, in my head, I pronounce your name like


    Is that even close?

    Or is it more like Freud?


    Hmmm….I must know.

  4. ERiCA says:

    LOL re: Madeleine Albright and Diana Peterfruend. OMG.

    Hope everything’s good with your computer… that would scare the crap outta me!

  5. Heather Harper says:

    I think I’ve been pronouncing it


    and I even tracked Julie down at Nats to ask her for the correct pronunciation. Of course I forgot what she told me…

  6. Diana Peterfreund says:

    kristin, it depends who you ask.

    I pronounce it like the latter, like “Freud” with an “N.” Pee-tur-froind.

    My mom does Pee-tur-frund.

    My dad and brothers say “Pee-tur-friend” which is the translation of “freund” from German. I think this is because my paternal grandfather just translated it in his head. The name means “Peter’s friend.”

    Mine is a hybrid of the German pronunciation and the American. I suppose if I was going to be really old school about it, I’d say:


    Because my own family pronounces it a variety of ways, I’m used to hearing “frund” “froind” and “friend.” Much farther than that, however, and I’ll correct you. The DJ at my brother’s wedding kept calling us all “Peter-froonds.” I think, in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy-speak, that means we’re “really cool people?”

    It’s interesting to me that people have a hard time pronouncing it, but they have no problem with Freud. I’ve gotten “Perfunder” even which mystifies me to the extreme. I mean, who can’t pronounce “Peter?” The most common one, though, is people who fail to recognize the dipthong and say “Pee-tur-fray-oond.”

  7. Patrick says:

    I pronounce it

    “Diana Peeter-Ffff, Diana Peeter-Frrrr, Diana Peeterfrmmmmmd, you know—Diana…”

  8. Vicki says:

    Sounds like your signing was great! And who knew you and the former Secretary of State, where one in the same. πŸ˜‰

    So sorry to hear about your computer. I’m hoping all is back to normal for you now.

    Miss you in Tampa!!

  9. Jake says:

    2 things:

    1) Sorry I couldn’t make the signing–I was on a plane to Boston, where I am now living again.

    2) I just finished book 2 of His Dark Materials–pretty good! I’m interested to see whether they manage to kill God in the finale.

    Anyway, sorry I missed the signing; it sounds like it went well nonetheless. Let me know if you and/or SB are ever up in Beantown!

  10. Kristin says:

    Hey, thanks for the pronunciation lesson. I think it is funny when one’s own family can’t agree on how to say a last name. πŸ™‚

  11. Robin Reed, the lurker says:

    Hi back! And thanks for the pronunciation guide in the comment above. I snuck in to the reading late so I didn’t get to hear them introduce you — I’d been looking forward to hearing it pronounced then. πŸ™‚

    *goes back to lurking*

  12. Celeste says:

    Mwahahahaha! Too funny πŸ™‚ Good luck with rewrites, and thank goodness you backed up your computer, right?

  13. Robin Brande says:

    That announcement is hilarious. What an impressive woman to be mistaken for! I mean, I’m sure that’s how Madeleine feels.

  14. JJ says:

    I think it’s hysterical that your iBook is also named Pantalaimon!

    What are the odds? (My external harddrive that died, poor thing, was named Kirjava.)

  15. Diana Peterfreund says:

    Oh, JJ, that’s HILARIOUS!

    Actually, my essay in THE WORLD OF THE GOLDEN COMPASS, due out in December, is all about why I named my computer Pan.

  16. Meem says:

    I recently read your first Secret Society Girl book, and let me just tell you I was so entertained. The minute I finished I rushed off to find where I could get the second book. PS. I love that you play WoW.