Juvenilia Panel and ARCs

I’m helping to kick off the first ever NYC Teen Author Festival (March 16-22, 2009) this Monday with the following, absolutely unmissable event:

I don’t know if I’m going to be able to go through with it, frankly. Not because I don’t have the guts to read my old dreck, but because, as I was picking the finalists this morning, I was barely able to get through some sentences for the laughter. And I know I’ll probably already be half in hysterics from the other laughing. (Holly, I know from experience, is especially adept at reading aloud for humorous effect.)

Sadly, my high school magnum opus, a futuristic post-apocalyptic fantasy written in longhand in a marbled blue spiral bound notebook, has mysteriously gone missing from its place of honor on our living room bookshelf. And by “magnum opus,” I mean I managed to actuallyw rite some of it. What I’ve discovered in going through my paperwork is that I never actually wrote as much of these stories as what lived in my head. I had this idea I had half a hisotrical romance lying around, but when I put hands on it, I realized I only had about three pages. Again, longhand.

I am now even more impressed with myself that I have managed to complete nine whole novels. I often tell the story that I joined RWA after winning a bet with myself that I could write a whole book. Now I see that I was right to have made that bet.

Speaking of, my ninth novel (9th to be written, 4th to be published, and #8 will be 5th — if you follow all that) just arrived on my doorstep in beautiful ARC form. I would do the usual picture of me surrounded by my ARCs, but alas, my camera, she died in Ireland. Poor girl. So just trust me that Tap & Gown looks splendiferous. I really love the interior design on this one. We were able to go hog wild with the decorations and every confession is wearing a jaunty little mortarboard and tassel.

So… I’m thinking I should do a giveaway. What say you? Want to be the first person on the block to read it? (Okay, the eighth person, since Carrie, Erica, Julie, my editor, my agent, and my copyeditor have all read it, and my best friend just snatched up her copy of the ARC and was like “Awesome, now I get to find out what happens to Amy and Poe!”) But it’s unlikely that any of these people actually live on your block, so I guess that’s cool.

I think the first giveaway will be right here on the blog. Lasts until Friday. Leave a comment here, and because I’m especially evil, and spent the last week in Limerick, I’ve decided that to be eligible for entry, you must include a limerick on the subject of the SSG books (unicorns optional).

Yeah, it’s annoying. But not as annoying as that dude who made us sing for our whiskey at the local pub. Fill the comments section below with limericks, and win yourself an ARC OF TAP & GOWN!!!!

Enter as many times as you dare (Multiple limericks will count as multiple entries, so do me a favor and post them as separate comments.) You have until Friday.

See you New Yorkers at the Tompkins Square Park Library tomorrow at 4!

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110 Responses to Juvenilia Panel and ARCs

  1. Tiff says:

    There must be some way for us all
    To win this ARC windfall
    We’ve worked to the bone
    Our rhymes we’ve honed
    How can you make just one call?

  2. Tiff says:

    My pronunciation of Odile
    Made my limerick lose its appeal
    But I’ll use my guile
    To make a comeback with style,
    ‘Cause with both the rhymes I can deal

  3. Tiff says:

    And, the companion to #99:

    Why must we always compare
    One couple to another like a dare?
    ‘Boo and Poe are ecstatic
    Stop being so Socratic!
    About all couples, let’s be fair.

  4. Tiff says:

    Is it bad for me to state
    I’m glad Darren broke those plates?
    He had the wrong intention
    But I just have to mention
    The Nazis I really do hate

  5. Tiff says:

    I must write an ode to Poe’s shoulders
    That he strengthened moving shrubs and boulders
    I’m not usually partial
    To power that martial
    But he looked great when the weather got colder!

  6. Tiff says:

    With Amy it’s always a list
    Whether for decisions or who she kissed,
    But when she doesn’t overthink
    Makes a decision in a wink
    It’s always a good one she might have missed.

  7. Tiff says:

    I admit that I’m obsessed
    With Amy and her duress
    I really need to know
    What will happen with Poe
    So I’m giving these limericks my best

  8. Tiff says:

    Last one, I promise! But I had so much fun writing these…thanks for making the time pass, Diana!

    My favorite SSG scene
    Is when Amy realizes she’s keen
    To be a Digger,
    Take on patriarchs with a snigger
    And kick-ass like no Knight they’ve seen.

  9. Phyllis Towzey says:

    Here’s my last entry:

    Three books that I couldn’t put down –
    Now I’m breathless to read Tap & Gown,
    Yet a bit melancholy
    ‘Cause it’s the finale,
    But Rampant will start a new round!

  10. Annie says:

    Just want to say to everyone that I’ve really enjoyed reading all of your entries!!! There’s some creative fans lurking around here!