Kristin Cashore Giveaway

I’m so glad to have my computer back, you guys. You have no idea. And all my old files…. pretty pretty files.

Anyway, yesterday, after spending a record four hours in the Apple Store with the awesome Apple Geniuses, I emerged with shiny, shiny Bucephalus all loaded up with Pantalaimon. Yes, Pan now lives inside Bucephalus. How’s that for YA fantasy meta?

Anyway, after all that, I betook myself to Politics & Prose to attend an appearance by the awesome Kristin Cashore, author of Graceling and Fire.

Kristin was on the very, very last stop on her tour, and she seemed very tired, but she rallied enough to show us all kinds of goodies regarding how she writes a book. For instance, she does everything in long hand in big spiral notebooks and she probably crosses out as many if not more pages than she writes. She also carries around a huge stack of loose papers on which she writes down all kinds of notes and binds them together with a big binder clip.

To say I was agog is putting it…. um, mildly. First of all, I would never, ever, ever let y’all see what I write down in my little notebook. It’s way more “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” than Kristin’s neat (tiny) lines of text. I’d look like a candidate for a nice long stay in an asylum.

But hey, to each her own! You can’t argue with the results! I adored Graceling.

I also got to ask her a question that had been bugging me greatly about Fire, which is: are all raptors monsters? And she said yes. You heard it here first, guys.

And — this is the part you’ve been waiting for, I know — I got two signed copies to give away to YOU, darling blog readers! A copy of GRACELING and a copy of FIRE. Signed by Kristin Cashore!

Now, what should I make ya’ll do to win one of these beauties? I could (and yes, I’m talking to you, Angie) make you admit publicly in the comments that Po is the very nicest of nice guys and yet you love him madly. I could also make you tell me what your Grace would be — you know, if you had one — or what color hair you’d have if YOU were a human-shaped monster.

Or, you know, any of the above. Leave it in the comments, enter to win.

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63 Responses to Kristin Cashore Giveaway

  1. Casse says:

    Po IS the very nicest guy and I am so crazy about him!

  2. Jen D. says:

    Thanks for the awesome contest!

    I’d want dark purple hair with lavendar highlights if I was a human-shaped monster.


  3. Cassie Lee says:

    Po is the sweetest (why are many of the best men ficticious?). I would love to have good aim if I was graced. If I was a monster, I would love to have blue-green hair.

  4. Aly Isabela says:

    Hi! Okay, so if I had a Grace it would be Dance, and my hair color would be bright gold!

  5. How cool meeting Kirsten Cashore!
    My Grace would be the Grace of always having the right comeback. I’m sarcastic, but not always quick-witted and I think that would be a fun, non-violent Grace to have 🙂
    I would definitely want two different eye colors (one blue, one purple!). Hair color black as the night!

  6. Ari says:

    I think i would want purple hair. I think being a monster with like purple hair in differenent shades of purple would be awesome.

  7. kelly says:

    definately a teal grey/ocean green color of long sable soft fur! of course! Or a dark chocolate black sable fur
    My Grace, hmmm that\’s a lot harder- The ability to see if someone is basically honest or even the ability to stratagize really well in every situation. That has to come in handy in all sorts of ways.

  8. Mari says:

    I’d really want to have bright blue hair.
    It would probably be funny and cute 🙂

  9. Schneider says:

    Oh! Is this contest still open? I’d LOVE to win a copy of GRACELING and FIRE–I’ve been hearing such great things about them both!

    Erm, if I had a Grace, it would most definitely be the ability to pause Time. Because that would be just awesome: I could save lives, finish homework, snag a few extra hours of sleep…and play great pranks.

    Did I mention great pranks? :p

  10. MarionG says:

    Hi I’d like to have purple hair if I was a monster. Yes,I would love to read these books. Please count me in. Cheers. polo-puppy-fluffy AT hotmail *dot* com

  11. Laurel says:

    If I had a Grace it would be an ability to be always optimistic. I find that too often I get frustrated or sad by things I can’t control. But optimism would definitely help me to see past my feelings and find a solution better. And optimism seems to rub off on those people around you.

  12. Maria says:

    I think i would want red hair with yellow streaks if i was a monster.

  13. Nadine says:

    If I had a Grace it would definitely be a gift of tongues. I already speak a lot of languages (without the help of any Grace). So I think I would be the coolest interpreter in the Seven Kingdoms. 🙂

    Po is truly very much of a nice guy. His knowing smile helps counter that a bit (and none of us know if he’s still that nice once his clothes are off… I’m just saying). I’m more of a bad boy fan, but hey… Po is fantastic.