Last Day for ARC Limerick Contest and Team Castle in PW!

Today is the last day to enter the contest for an ARC of Tap & Gown. Get your lImericks in!

There’s a limerick smackdown going on in the comments section of the ARC Giveaway Post. First, commenter Anne popped up with:

Poe is by far my most loved “lit crush”
About him my friends and I do gush
He puts Edward Cullen to shame
With his dark, brooding game
And thoughts of his shoulders make me blush.

Which, I must say, is one of my favorite limericks (one of my judges, however, is a real stickler for meter. We shall see.)

And then Phyllis, whom one can always count on to bring the Twi-fan voice to the blog, responded:

Oh, please, are you serious Anne?
Ed’s a vampire – Poe’s just a man!
But if Jamie got bitten
Even Bella’d be smitten,
Do you think Amy’d give up her tan?

Which I’m sure pleases my Meter-Nazi judge to no end, though I think “just a man” is quite illustrative of the issue at hand. See, I think “human” is a plus in a romantic relationship. I like men. Warm, cuddly, mortal men. But that’s just me (and Anne, I guess.)  I also liked Buffy dating Riley, and I know I’m in the minority there. Still, “all the brooding, none of the pesky immortality” is a sales pitch that works for me!

(And yes, it has been pointed out to me that the Secret Stories, being mostly from Poe’s perspective, are not entirely unlike Midnight Sun. Which is fine by me. I thought MS was a cool experiment — I loved the scene where Edward was fantasizing about all the different ways he could murder the entire class and eat Bella — and I’m having fun playing around in Poe’s head in the same way.)

In other news, Team Castle has gotten coverage in Publisher’s Weekly (with art). Check it out!

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7 Responses to Last Day for ARC Limerick Contest and Team Castle in PW!

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  2. Lisa S. says:

    I am team Riley all the way! I actually cried when he left. And can I just say that I never liked Angel? He was self centered, egotistical and had the whole unobtainable thing going on. I like that Riley is a man (like you pointed out) and that he doesn’t play games with Buffy. He wants her and all of her. I don’t think she was ready to give that but I wish that she was because they rocked together.

  3. Diana says:

    I am so with you, Lisa! And people are all, “Oh, Riley is a wuss, look what happened to him when Buffy didn’t love him back, blah blah blah letting himself get bit by vampires…”

    yeah? so? He was HURTING, poor boy! Yes, he made mistakes, and bad ones, but they are far from the worst mistakes that broken-hearted characters made on that show. Willow, to start with. And Buffy, running away from home and assuming a false identity after killing Angel?

    A friend of mine argues that riley couldn’t deal with being less powerful than Buffy. I disagree. I think he could deal with that. What he couldn’t deal with was Buffy not loving him. Because he didn’t go off and marry some weak-ass chick. He found another incredibly strong and awesome fighting warrior woman who clearly had her head on straight enough to appreciate Riley the way he deserved to be appreciated.

    Also, yeah, Angel is a JERK. He’s a jerk as a vampire and he’s a jerk as a souled vampire. At least Spike wasn’t a jerk (and probably made the biggest broken hearted mistake on that show, all told, since he became a vampire over having his feelings hurt by a chick).

  4. Lisa S. says:

    I get angry at people who say that Riley was a wuss or intimidated by Buffy’s strength! How do they think that??? He so wasn’t a wuss and if anything he loved Buffy for her strength. She didn’t love him back that’s why he was stupid. And I can understand in a way why he let himself be with the vampire. He was told by Dawn that no one would ever hold a place in Buffy’s heart like Angel, a vampire! How could that not kill him and drive him to be stupid?

    And to say more about Spike. I think Spike is one of the most interesting TV characters ever written! I loved the complexity of his and Buffy’s relationship. A part of me wanted Buffy to love him back but only the part of me that felt bad for him. A lot of people didn’t understand their relationship but I think it was one of the most beautifully disturbingly complex love stories ever written. There’s Spike who is totally dedicated body and soul to Buffy and Buffy who only uses Spike to make up for the huge void left in her life. I love the end scene between Buffy and Spike where she tells him she loves him and he says, “No you don’t. But thanks for saying it.” Joss Whedon is a genius!

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