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Since I’ve seen some folks tweeting about the release of Rites of Spring (Break) in Brazil — apparently the cover is black on top, like the cover of the first two books, though I haven’t seen it yet — and I’ve been laboriously (ha!) translating the tweets from Portuguese with the help of Google translate…

Since I’ve been listening to all the extraordinary sounds my daughter can make and reading articles about all the neural pathways she is creating and then discarding because she doesn’t need them in this world, in this language, in this time period…

Since I’ve been thinking about the fact that I don’t know another language (except for a smattering of Latin and Spanish) and how much I wish I had one to teach to my daughter, and how my personal regret has no doubt inspired me to make so many of my characters into polyglots, putting me at the mercy of my thankfully-fluent-in-German editor, and forcing me at times to consult professional linguists in hopes that I don’t mangle dead languages too much (Diana Peterfreund: driving copyeditors crazy since 2005!)…

I got to wondering how many languages my writing has been translated into. Discounting pirated editions (which — come on guys — I can GoogleTranslate a tweet, but a whole book?) I’ve got:

Russian, Portuguese (both Brazilian and European), Simplified Chinese, Turkish, Indonesian, Spanish, Korean, Hungarian, Polish, Czech, French, and German.

And those are just the ones I know about. If there were any translation sales of Kiss Me Deadly, I am not aware of them (though I know it sold in the UK and in Australia).

A lot of my writer friends have foreign editions sitting around, or like to post the covers of their foreign editions and muse on the changes to the artwork. I’ve never done this, because of the books that have been translated so far, they’ve always used the same art — or art similar enough (the Russian Secret Society Girl) that you’d have to spend a lot of time staring at it to tell it’s not the same photo).

It’s very humbling to think that my work has been translated into languages (twelve of them!) that I don’t understand — some I’ve never even heard. (My grandfather spoke Hungarian… as well as six other languages. Talk about a polyglot!)

By far my best foreign market is Brazil. I love you, Brazil. I love you, Brazilians. One day I shall visit your splendid country and sit on your beaches and enjoy chick lit with you.

But first I have to brush up on my Portuguese.

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7 Responses to Me In Other Languages

  1. Luiza Martins says:

    Hi Diana!

    I’m from Brazil and I would like to thank you for writing such an amazing book! I love the characters and your writing.
    And I’m going to buy the third book when it comes out in the bookstore near my house.

    Beijos e muito sucesso na sua carreira!!

  2. Diana says:

    Hi, Luiza! I love your name. Thank you so much for reading my books. I hope you enjoy the third one when it comes out this week!

  3. Bella says:

    Hey Diana! You cannot imagine how Secret Societ Girl is important to me! I’m brazilian and I’m 17 now. I read Rose & Grave when I was 14 and it was amazing, the book was perfect and then Poe(sorry, may I say Jamie?Pajamie?James?)! At that time,I was already thinking: oh my God how can this guy be such an awesome and idiot at the same time?!
    Haha, for some reason, I always believed that he would be such an amazing man for Amy. Well done! I already read the four books too(in english) and I have to say, you are AWESOME. Congrats for this book, this third one that came out this week is my favorite! And you know, this book help me SO MUCH in bad times, you have no idea! And also, I am publishing my own book this year, maybe one day it gets in USA huh?
    Well, again, congratulation for this amazing job! Thanks for be an amazing writter!
    X.O.X.O, Bella.

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  5. William says:

    Hi Diana, I am Brazilian and I have to say I love your books, you are brilliant. Thanks for writing stories as fascinating and enjoyable, we Brazilians love when our favorite authors we cite in their books or on their websites, you can be sure that oia come to Brazil you will be well recognized muiot, take a tour of our country, I muiot have your autograph in my books, will be epic and unforgettable.

    P.S.: I’m using Google translator! 🙂
    P.S.: Come to Brazil soon, we’re excited!

  6. Luana says:

    Hey, Diana. Im brazilian (17) and I just loved to read that you love your brazilian fans. Because you know, you have thousands of them… I recommended the Secret Society series to all my friends, but just one of them bought it. But, fear not, I’ll make their minds, mwahaha. It’s just the greatest book i’ve ever read. Poe/Jamie is the hottest and the sweetest guy in the world (annoying too, but in a good way :). George sometimes is kinda jerk, but a nice and charming jerk, haha. And Amy is so… real. She’s not like those girls in other books, she has nothing REALLY special (like superpowers , and super rich, or super prettu and stuff like that) and she’s no “oh my life sucks and blablabla”. She’s just smart and fun. You’re my favorite writter, Diana. Thank you. For everything.

  7. Luana says:

    And I would be happy to teach you to say a phrase or two in portuguese.
    Beijos 🙂