Me on TV tonight

I’ve received word that I’m scheduled to appear tonight on the Sundance Channel show LOVE/LUST, during an episode about secret societies. It’s schedule to run at 10 PM, and, well, if you look at the schedule, a LOT after that. This seems to be the type of show they like to rerun for the insomniacs in the middle of the night.

Because apparently, listening to me wax on about what a bunch of Ivy League prepsters did in the 1800s is a sure-fire sleep aid. 😉

I am curious to see how they choose to edit it. It’s one of those late night faux reality “clip shows” where they bring in experts to discuss whatever the topic at hand is. I talked a lot about frat initiations.

Which is weird because I was never in a frat, but they’re very similar to secret societies, as you’ll learn if you watch the show.

See? TOTES an expert!

In related news, I was reading an article about baby names yesterday and they were talking about the way male names “go girl” (like Evelyn, Ashley, Tracy) and rarely go back, and they were discussing Jamie. Which of course, I love for a boy. Though I tend to think of it as a common enough girls’ name, I have actually only known one girl Jamie,a and she spelled it “Jaime”. However, I did know a Jamie-short-for-James guy in college.

No, he was not the basis of Poe. He is, however, a screenwriter and producer, last I heard, who launched his career in the industry by making up a fake secret society at Yale, the rights to which story were eventually made into a made-for-TV-film.

It all comes back around.

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9 Responses to Me on TV tonight

  1. Astrid says:

    Just found your blog through Twitter. You’ve got some good advice for aspiring writers. And the rest is funny and interesting.

    Have you seen Firefly (is that a silly question)? I love Whedon’s switcharoo with Jane.

    And btw, you have great character names 😉

  2. Diana says:

    thanks, Astrid! I love your name, too.

    Yes, I’ve seen Firefly. Jane is my favorite character on that show.

  3. Abby@AppMtn says:

    Hey, I wrote that post about names! And I’m delighted to know that you wrote more books – I borrowed the first one in the Ivy League series from the library ages ago, and the second was still not yet published …

    Adding them to my summer reading list now …

  4. Diana says:

    Hi, Abby! Yes, I’m obsessed with your blog. I’m a full-time lurker. I shamelessly used the occasion of my daughter’s birth to turn my professional interest in names into a full-blown sickness. My husband thought we’d decided on our daughter’s name three months before I was done waffling.

  5. Tiff says:

    Congrats on being a secret society “expert”! A quick check of Sundance Canada indicates that it is not playing here =( Maybe someone will post on YouTube?

    Ha! Did your James-to-Jamie friend create “The Skulls”? =)

    I dated a guy whose name was James, but was called Jamie through most of his life.

    Also, I love boy names for girls. Addison and Madison are two of my faves. As such, I will now by following Abby’s blog. Thanks for that! =)

  6. Diana says:

    Tiff, the Skulls i based on a real secret society, though. This one was a fake secret society — it didn’t exist even at Yale, it was just something he got all his journo buddies to write articles about for the purpose of the film deal. A huge prank. Made him and his friends a nice chunk of change, though!

  7. Ginny-Beth says:

    Just saw Love/Lust! I read all the SSG books as they came out, and loved them. When I was watching L/L tonight I didn’t realize it was you until the middle. It was probably the best of the series. I thought they spent a little too much time on the mafia (seemed a stretch) and they could do a whole show on religious cults, but the rest was great for a pop culture buff like me! Great job!

  8. Diana says:

    Thanks, Ginny-Beth! I haven’t seen it myself, since neither me or anyone nearby has the Sundance channel (it must not be part of a popular cable pack here in DC), but they’re sending me a DVD of the show so hopefully, soon!

  9. Virginia says:

    Hi Diana! I just waned to let you and everyone else who doesn’t have the Sundance channel know that Youtube has the show up in five parts. It’s titled “Secret Societies Love Lust”.

    It was fun watching you. My brother and I have watched a lot of shows on secret societies and never before have I been able to say “Oh my gosh! I met her! She signed my books!” when an expert came on. You did a great job! 🙂