Monday Miscellany

Great things about having a puppy:

She graduates from puppy school with flying colors (doesn’t like her cap, though.)

I am seriously considering using this photo as a tag for Tap & Gown announcements.

Bad things about having a puppy:

Her tail caught Pantalaimon’s cord today and dragged Pan off the coffee table. Pan survived (thank goodness!) but the cord did not. Hello, trip to the Mac store. Hello new $83 dollar cord. Wah.

Speaking of T&G, I’ve been asked to hold off on posting the cover until we get a few minor tweaks in. But I really love it, and I hope you will too.

In writing news, I’ve finished up the synopsis of the second killer unicorn book and I’m jumping into 70 Days of Sweat with both hands on my keyboard. Are you signed up? Come join us!

The weird thing about book publishing is that the author is always a book or two ahead of her readers, so if you’re writing a series, you always have to remind yourself that whatever you are thinking of is not where the story is for most people. For instance, I’ve finished writing Tap & Gown, and it’s so difficult to not mention the fact that in the final book in the series, Amy has a sex-change operation and runs off with Jenny, while George drops out of school to open a hot dog stand and Poe starts a ska band. These are the types of things I always have to remember to keep under wraps.

And of course, no one has read Rampant yet. so as I struggle to help the characters deal with the aftermath of the events in that book (as they pertain to the second, still-untitled book), there’s so much I can’t really talk about on the blog, for fear of causing spoilers.

The weather was gorgeous this weekend, as you can see from the previous post of Rio in the creek, but I’m still suffering from a cold I’m pretty sure i got standing int eh rain at the polls all day last Tuesday, so I spent a lot of time indoors watching movies. And here’s my verdict:

Made of Honor: Yawn. Like, seriously yawn. Maybe this movie was supposed to coast on the charm of “McDreamy” but as I’ve never seen the show, I wasn’t exactly rooting for the womanizing, jobless-rich jerk (reminded me so much of Hugh Grant’s aimless rich boy character from About a Boy, except he actually grows up and is forced to confront his wretched lifestyle over the course of the film) who has been stringing the fascinating, beautiful, hard-working (she’s fixing art on a Sunday!) woman along for ten years,who then goes to great length to destroy her wedding to the fascinating, interesting, fabulous Scottish nobleman who sweeps her off her feet. Wait, I take that back. The woman was a dud, too. What kind of woman has been “dreaming about [her] bridal shower since [she] was five years old?” Her wedding? Okay, fine. But her bridal shower? Are you kidding me? Blecch. The Scotsman can do way better than her. Also, I have a thing about movies where people are supposedly getting married but don’t want to and we’re supposed to root for that person? Blecch. That’s why I loved My Best Friend’s Wedding and am very iffy on this season of HIMYM.

Sex in the City: I kind of fell off watching it that last season, so I wasn’t clear on everything that had been going on, but I liked where they took the story. It felt like a super, super long episode. (REALLY long, I had no idea!) I was kind of surprised Steve cheated, though. I really like where Charlotte’s life has taken her, and I like that they didn’t compromise on Samantha being Samantha. Carrie always kind of bugged me, so this felt no different, and I felt like they wasted Jennifer Hudson yet again. I did love the apartment redesign, though!

Get Smart: I thought it was hilarious. I love Steve Carrell, I’m always impressed by Anne Hathaway, The Rock is fun to watch, and I was a HUGE fan of the show as a child, and felt like they really did capture its spirit (though it was a lot more action packed than I remember the show being –Sailor Boy said the final car chase scene reminded him of The Matrix Reloaded, and it reminded me of the ridiculousness in The Island, but other than that…) I felt like 99 should have put two and two together earlier about the identity of the villain, however.

Iron Man: Sigh. Seriously, what happened? Halfway in, I was positive this was the best superhero movie I’d ever seen. Robert Downey, Jr. was incredible, the script was tight, the special effects were fun, Gwyneth Paltrow failed to annoy me (no, really, I thought she was good), I wanted to marry Terence Howard, and I bow at the feet of Jon Favreau,who obviously knows my cinematic preferences — and then the whole thing fell off a cliff. I honestly do not understand the ending of the film. At all. I watched it again, because that’s how little sense it made to me, and I still don’t get it. I don’t understand how the battery thing could fail at the rate it was and still work as long as it did (or work after being encased in acrylic, but whatever), I don’t understand why the villain didn’t just kill Tony when he had the chance (and let’s not even talk about the stupid Glowing Keychain of Death trope so popular in sci-fi these days — yes, Firefly, I’m looking at you), I don’t understand why if the Glowing Keychain of Death works on some kind of sonic frequency thingamabob (the reason the villain wears earplugs to avoid it) that when it is aimed into a man’s ear who is holding the cell phone, the person on the other end of the cell phone doesn’t also feel the effects. I don’t understand how the villain and hero can catapult themselves in battle through several city streets then up into the air for a big aerial fight, then free fall and still manage to magically land on the roof of the building they originally came from. I don’t understand how a blue death ray blast can safely blow the hero out of harm’s way while simultaneously incinerating the villain, who is standing much farther away from it. I don’t get it. And not in a “I don’t understand how the Death Star can explode without killing all the Ewoks with a nuclear winter” way — in an “I’m watching this and it’s impossible and makes no sense right at the moment that the images enter my ocular cavity” way. It’s bizarre. Jon, baby, what were you thinking?

That was disappointing. I’d heard it was so good, too.

We also got the first season of Mad Men, which I’ve heard only excellent things about. So far, I’m enjoying it (two episodes in) though I can’t stop thinking of Zoe from The West Wing as Zoe from The West Wing, and Connor from Angel as Connor from Angel. I am, however, getting over Saffron from Firefly.

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  3. Bill Clark says:

    in the final book in the series, Amy has a sex-change operation and runs off with Jenny, while George drops out of school to open a hot dog stand and Poe starts a ska band.

    Hey! I thought you said no spoilers! Not fair!!

  4. I loved Get Smart too, and so did my kids. We’ve had them watching the original series, so they got all the jokes.

    I never even considered watching Maid of Honor, so am glad to know I was right in passing it by.

    I’m sad to hear that Iron Man falls halfway through…I haven’t seen it yet, but was going to put it on my Netflix. Maybe I won’t. Should I?

    I felt the same way about SATC–it was like one really long episode. I enjoyed it, but I saw it at the theater, dressed to the nines, and with a group 130 other women–so it was a blast to see it that way.

    As for puppies graduating from puppy school. Mr. Frodo is a puppy school drop-out b/c his mother missed the last two classes, but he hasn’t pulled anyone’s Mac off the table. Yet.

    However, he did eat a whole bag of Halloween suckers the other day. All that was left was a pile of sticky sticks and the papers. Sigh.

  5. Diana says:

    Colleen, you should watch Iron Man, if only so you can explain it to me. And I really, really liked most of it.

    Wait, new puppy? I’ve been out of the loop!

  6. Patrick says:

    Which part at the end is confusing? The press conference? It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, but, uh, OK, well, I own the Iron Man #1 comic printed in May of 1968.

    The second half was rushed. The first half was AWESOME.

    It’s sort of like the Spider-man movies where is it semi-true to the original source material, but, if there is one thing Marvel has done consistently is be inconsistent and re-write a character’s history when a new writer comes on board.

    I’m really disappointed that Stark announced he was Iron Man, since they really didn’t play that part up much. I can see that being confusing.

    It seems more like they rushed an ending and tried to set up a series, like Spider-man and the X-men. Spider-man #3 really fell over, too. Like the first Batman series where it became more about who was in it rather than character/plot.

    I think I end up being too forgiving when seeing my favorite characters though… Because I know the real story from the comic books themselves.

    See – the Ewoks don’t die because the debris is actually absorbed into Endor, thus keeping the forrest moon of Endor where the Ewoks live, relatively safe. It was a slightly colder winter though.

  7. Patrick says:

    Well, update on the Ewoks – “most of the Death Star’s mass was obliterated in the explosion, and that the Rebels “took care of the rest.””

  8. Jen says:

    Thank you! Man, as soon the BF and I left the theater after watching Iron Man, I tried to talk to him about how unbelievable a lot of the science fiction portions of the film were. He wouldn’t have it! One of my biggest problems is how incredibly fast he made the suit in his basement place. Wasn’t it like 11 days? Sorry, that just doesn’t make sense.

    However, I did enjoy the movie despite those things.

  9. Diana says:

    Patrick, I feel like I was pretty specific about the things I didn’t understand in the actual post, mostly dealing with the actual climax of the movie. The press conference I thought was funny, and I’d basically been waiting for that line for the whole film, ever since learning they were going to be using the song. I can understand how it would bug a comic book fan, though, who is into the whole “body guard” thing. I just don’t understand how the climax could have possibly happened. How did they end up back on the roof? The Glowing Keychain of Death? Why didn’t it bother Pepper? Why didn’t the heart thingy fail ages ago? That kind of stuff.

  10. Tiff says:

    Ok, I do not understand the Glowing Keychain of Death thing. I haven’t finished watching Firefly yet, but I did watch Iron Man twice and…what?!

    So excited for ARCs of Tap & Gown…are you having a giveaway? Please, please have a giveaway!

    SATC: The Movie was totally just a longer version of the episodes. Have you heard they’re making a sequel (already)?

    Ok, so I just started watching Mad Men as well, and I’m going to try and keep up with you. Please post your comments on it–I’ve only finished one episode, but I like it so far. I’m loving Jon Hamm and his dark mystery…And I have the same problem–I just keep thinking of Zoe and Connor instead of the actual characters!

  11. Diana says:

    Oh, good, Tiff, we can keep each other honest about MM. I’ve only seen two eps.

    The Glowing Keychain of Death is a trope I’ve seen in a lot of action/SFF movies recently. The bad guy has some device which is, wait for it, a Glowing Keychain of Death. It basically looks light a laser pointer, but turn it on, and people’s veins start popping out of their head, they hemorrhage/die/become paralyzed… It’s just the most ridiculous little device. It’s like “hmmm, car keys, supermarket discount card, gym pass, and my evil glowing death device!”

    The men with hands of blue had them in that one episode of Firefly. Lebowski (whatever his name is) had one in Iron Man.

  12. I totally agree with you about Made of Honor and Iron Man. Haven’t seen Get Smart yet but it’s on my list.So is getting a puppy 🙂

  13. Trish says:

    If Poe actually started a ska band, I’d love him even more! Haha!

  14. Patrick says:

    Oh, I see. I thought you were saying. I don’t understand the ending. Also, I don’t understand comic book physics. But now I see that it was I don’t understand the end – specifically these things.

    I no longer attempt to explain comic book physics.

    Body guard thing, well, yes, that’s sort of like Peter Parker/Spider-man. I mean, comics are all about the secret identity.

    BTW – have you seen Hancock? I think that is one of the best “super-hero” movies that came out recently.

  15. Diana says:

    I haven’t seen Hancock, and I do give a lot of leeway for comic book physics, but I think that any comic book movie gets a certain amount of leeway and that’s it. It’s like in Face/Off. You can have your face-switching technology, but then don’t add in the prisoner boots and subvert said face technology by having the villain carve up his face at the end when the technology would make that a moot point anyway.

    Ironman was waaaaaaaaaaaay too much to swallow, plus stupid villains who need to just kill the good guys when they have the chance, and have I mentioned how sick I am of the Glowing Keychain of Death?

  16. Patrick says:

    Yeah, Iron Man did really take away the opportunity for suspension of disbelief.

    I think you should go with “Killer Unicorns II: Glowing Keychain of Death!” as a working title. 🙂

  17. Patrick says:

    I thought the bigger problem was poor development of Stane as a villan.

  18. Annie says:

    Okay, Rio couldn’t get any cuter! Seriously… I’m melting from the cute.

    Of the movies listed, I’ve only seen Iron Man and that was just last week. I actually liked it, but that’s because I was determined to hate it because I’m not a huge Robert Downey Jr. fan. So since the 1st half rocked, I gave in and didn’t care that the second half wasn’t as good.

    And speaking of devices used in movies, what still irks me to this day is the communication thingy Liam Neeson uses in Phantom Menace to talk to Obi Wan that looks like my gillette sensor razor. When I see it, I feel like he’s going to start shaving Ani’s mom’s legs any second 😛

  19. Bee says:

    I can totally sympathize with you. I have a puppy who chewed up my laptop’s power cord/AC adapter–cost me almost $100 to get a new one =(
    On the brighter side, my puppy is finally house trained and can understand commands ^^