My Characters as Disney Princesses

One of my ongoing disappointments in life is that I’m pretty terrible at drawing. Like, tragic. I can barely wrangle stick figures. There are lots of writers out there who draw beautifully, who are even artists in their own right, like Laini Taylor and Maggie Stiefvater. That, however, is not one of my skills. It may be one of the reasons I’m so enamored of the fan art that readers send me. I can’t draw–I love that others can, and I love looking at a visual representation of the characters I dreamed up in my head.

This is the only possible excuse to account for the time I spent on the “heroine” generator I found online on Sunday. It’s essentially a Disney Princess generator, since almost all the outfits and hairstyles tie in with characters from Disney movies. But since I would be totally fine with Disney making a movie out of one of my books, I was on board for some Disney princess versions of the characters in my upcoming book.

Especially since one actually is a princess.And here she is, the Princess Isla, teenage regent of the island kingdom of Albion:

Isla’s signature color is white. She always wears it, to set her apart from the vibrant, garish colors favored by the rest of the Albion court. Isla’s hair is naturally silver-white, due to a genetic characteristic in her family called juvenile canities.

So that’s the princess. It’s her best friend, however, who is the heroine of the book: Lady Persis Blake.

This is about as close as I could come to Persis’s real hair. I think it’s a combo or Brave and something else.

You will note, here that both Isla and Persis have on display their palmports, the biocomputers embedded in their left hands, and seem to be in the midst of sending/receiving flutternotes, which are this future’s version of text messages.

In truth, this outfit, though similar to something she wears in the book, might be a tad conservative for our girl. Persis tends to dress to shock. But you know Disney princesses, this is about as risque as they get:

Actually, this is also pretty similar to an outfit Persis wears in the book, which her best friend Isla compares to “seaweed.”

It was really fun to do these. I won’t tell you how many I have. Let’s just say that Persis has a LOT of costume changes in this book. It’s a reason I called it “frockalicious novel” for all those months. And everyone gets in on the frocky fun, even the villain, who does, I admit, spend most of the book in a military uniform. But she likes dressing up, too. So, Vania:

The frockaliciousness of Star-Swept is why they were the perfect subjects for this particular generator. It’s options in non fancy clothing was a little thin on the ground. So when I tried to make an Elliot, this was as close as I could come:

No overalls. They have patches (for Cinderella, I guess?) but they are not pants or jacket-size, since they are clearly made to go on skirts. And most of the top choices were, um, midriff baring, which Elliot would probably die before wearing. Of course, seeing this Elliot next to that Persis might give you an idea of how well they get along when they meet each other in Star-Swept.

And for Astrid, I had to put her in her Ascendant party dress and give her a bow, which of course she doesn’t have at the party, but whatever:

Like I said, I spent a lot of time on this game. But hey, it was a lazy Sunday afternoon. Today is Monday, so back to work for me!

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6 Responses to My Characters as Disney Princesses

  1. Now, I will be wasting my Monday on there. I too cannot draw. 🙁

  2. Shanella says:

    I see a lot of timewasting in my future. I too wish I could draw. It’s hard to have all these images in your head and being unable to reveal them.

    I’m definitely looking forward to your new story!

  3. Kate Traylor says:

    There goes my productivity for the night. -_-

  4. So Elliot and Persis do meet?!

    I LOVE the look of Persis and Isla. Awesome.

    • Diana says:

      Thanks, Tiff! And yes, Kai, Elliot, and several other characters from FDSTS show up in Across A Star Swept Sea.

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