Not Fallen Off The Face of the Earth

Man, it’s been a long time since I’ve given you guys a real blog post. I apologize for that. I had all sorts of grand plans, like telling you all about my New Year’s Resolution to track my writing and stuff, but I got so busy, you know, actually writing, that I failed to keep you apprised.

Anyway, yeah. I’m doing daily tracking of my writing, or if I’m not writing, a daily notation of what I’m doing instead. It’s based loosely on the systems of Holly Black and Rahul Kanakia (probably closer to the former than the latter system, though I aspire to Rahul’s level of analysis!). Anyway, I’m a month in, and so far, I wrote 23/31 days in January (I tend to take weekends off, and there were a few other vacation days and whatnot) and wrote a little over 28k. Not a bad start to the year. Now, of course, this wasn’t 28k net, because there were some days where I just deleted huge swaths of what I’d written and started again. But I think this is working for me (she says, tentatively).

Let’s see, what else? I have an exciting announcement coming soon.

And even sooner than that, I’ve got the cover reveal of ACROSS A STAR-SWEPT SEA. That’s right, folks! At long last, next Wednesday, Epic Reads will be revealing the cover and interviewing yours truly.

And finally, just in time for Valentine’s Day, has listed FOR DARKNESS SHOWS THE STARS as one of their Valentine’s Day Books For Young Adults. Won’t you check it out for the sweetheart in your life?

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6 Responses to Not Fallen Off The Face of the Earth

  1. Heather Z. says:

    But that is so wonderful! Writing words always means more books, which I am not opposed to at all. No, every bit of your news is awesome all around! 😀

  2. Nice! I’m glad the writing is going well.

  3. Angie Kroll says:

    Yeah! Any hints about the cover? 🙂

  4. rhetta says:

    i love ur books. how did u get an agent? who is ur agent and do they tell u what to write about?

    • Diana says:

      Hi, Rhetta,

      I got an agent the old-fashioned way: through a query letter. In fact, you can read the query letter and my agent’s response to it by clicking that link over there on the right (“my agent-landing query letter”).

      Agents don’t tell you what to write, but they do advise you on which of your ideas might be the most marketable, or suggest paths that you might not have thought of.