RAMPANT Spoiler Thread

Hello! Welcome! For any newcomers to the site, it’s traditional for me to post a spoiler thread for readers to discuss/debate/argue/or ask questions about elements in the novel. From time to time, I might drop by and comment as well. So here’s one for RAMPANT.

Here you go. Comment here to your heart’s content about how weird it was when that Pegasus showed up in chapter 12*, to share your surprise that unicorns were actually an alien life form sent to Earth by the despotic sentient octupi rulers of Alpha Centauri,** or debate over the various merits of killing unicorns with jellybeans or ranch dressing.***


* Because he thought a book without winged horses was kinda lame.
** And here you thought you were reading fantasy, not sci-fi!
*** It’s snackicide!

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56 Responses to RAMPANT Spoiler Thread

  1. Jadi says:

    I love this book. I read it like a month ago and I was hooked. I thought it was really going to be boring until I kept reading. I am doing a project on it right now and I need some help. If anyone, could give me any literary terms for this book besides a simile by commenting or sending this to my email(jaritza2005@yahoo.com) I would really appreciate this help because I only put simile’s but I need 2 other literary terms for this project. I would greatly appreciate this and thanx.

  2. Jadi says:

    Omg! by the way, if u read the comment above this is a continuation comment. Please put the Page number where you found the literary term and please respond soon because this is due the 22nd of this month and I really need help with this because I returned the book to the library. PLEASE SOMEONE READ THIS AND RESPOND! 😀

  3. Emilia says:

    So I was reading The Natural History of Unicorns today, and I was wondering if you purposely named the the Cloisters of Ctesias after Ctesias, the writer of INDICUS, the original book on natural history, which included the Unicorn, and he also started the unicorn myth with his entry on a one-horned animal that lived in India?
    I know you posted something a while back on the book,so I thought that it wasn’t a coincidence at all.

  4. Diana says:

    Emilia, that is how the Cloisters was named, but both the author of Natural History and I got that information separately. Since Natural History just came out, I was not able to use it as a research source while writing Rampant. However, I was able to use an article the author had previously published in a journal about the history of bone-handled knives.

  5. Cadentia says:

    Hi Diana! I wonder if I’m the first spanish reader that writes to you, probably :)a

    Anyways, I really liked this first book. Where to start? What really caught my attention was the whole killer unicorn thing because it sounded so ridiculous. I mean, nowhere had I heard that so it was intriguing.

    I got into the book immediately but I must say that around the middle of so I felt the pace faltered a bit. However, it soon picked up again and then it was crowning of awesome moment after crowning of awesome moment.

    As for the characters, at first I wasn’t very attached to Astrid. She seemed to me pretty pasive, but then after that battle that nearly kills her she metamorphoses to Astrid the warrior and I’m loving her. Good character development.

    As for the other girls, I loved Pippa since the beginning and the same goes for Cory. I can’t say for the rest of the girls since we haven’t seen much of them, but I’m intrigued by Zelda (the geek side of me loves her name), Valerija or Grace. But in general I hope we see more of them in the next novel. After all I love girl camaraderie and there’s not enough of it in YA, sadly.

    Giovanni was such a sweet guy! Although, as Astrid, I also wanted to smack him when he came to the Cloisters.

    I loved Pippa’s and Astrid’s relationship – reminds me of me and my cousins, especially a lot of the one I have with one of them who is only 2 years my junior and we are more like sisters -, as well as Cory’s and Astrid’s friendship that developped so subtly.

    And in general I just liked this book subtlety and how it takes its time to develop every character and relationship. It pays off at the end when everything comes together like a charm.

    Well, this was almost all. Thank God the next book comes out soon (although The Book Depository is telling me I will have to wait a few weeks more than in the US, sob). I hope it gets licensed in Spain!

  6. StarlyAnn says:

    I finished the book a little while ago and was absolutly hooked. Now I am thrilled to find out your making a second one! I didn’t know there were so many different types of unicorns and the possability of them being poisonus killer beasts is a new one to me (: but a theory I like so very much. Her mom though irritated me, I was yelling in my head at the book every time that woman spoke especially when she took over the school.

    Ok I finished the book forever ago actually and had to return it to the library, and now I feel like an idiot because I forgot the different types of unicorns. What were they?