Read “King Edmund the Cute” for Free this Week

through-the-wardrobe-1A few years back, I wrote an essay about one of my favorite characters in the Narnia series for a book of essays called THROUGH THE WARDROBE. This week, that essay is the “free sample” over at Smart Pop Books. Check out “King Edmund the Cute: Anatomy of a Girlhood Crush” and find out why I love me some Edmund Pevensie.

C’mere, Edmund. I’ll give you all the Turkish delight you want!

Wait. That came out wrong…

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2 Responses to Read “King Edmund the Cute” for Free this Week

  1. Alexa Y. says:

    I just read the essay – and I love it! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, and also makes me want to re-read the Narnia books NOW.

  2. Amanda W says:

    Such a fantastic essay! And it explains at least one reason why I absolutely love the heroes of your books. Edmund’s always been my favorite, hands down.