Reader Geekery

Some fun stuff for book fans around the web lately:

If Dr. Seuss Books Were Titles According to Their Subtext. This one is my favorite:

Though it’s what they did to “The Sneetches” that had me snorfing tea all over my keyboard.

This one, The Rights of the Reader, was not apparently done by Roald Dahl, but looking at the pictures, you understand how easy it is to make that mistake.

And then, finally, on the adult side, did you ever wonder why so many romance novel heroines get amnesia? What exactly are the rules for fertility and virginity as explained by romance novels? Dr. Lovekind is here to answer ALL your questions.

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  1. alicejane011 says:

    Thanks for sharing the Rights of a Reader poster! I love it! I love how it’s illustrated by the same illustrator who illustrated Roald Dahl’s novels. ^^