Rockville Signing

…lovely signing last night…Stephany and Kathy of the Borders at the White Flint Mall were gracious hosts, as always… Kathy even went so far as to run out in the middle of the Q&A to track down the Through the Wardrobe anthology…. great crowd of friends, family, and teens… made sure everyone got one of the kicky Rose & Grave tattoos I’ve been sporting ’round town of late….

…There’d be pictures, but I seem to have misplaced my camera… we had sweets there, little summery cupcakes to match the cover…the reading went well, except when Stephany accidentally grabbed my marked-up copy off the podium, sending Sailor Boy and me on a frantic search to find it so some poor customer wasn’t stuck with one that had stage directions inside…oops.

If you’re looking for signed copies (or temporary tattoos), check out the stock at Borders at the White Flint Mall!

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6 Responses to Rockville Signing

  1. What’s with all the ellipses? Are you leaving out the dirty bits?

  2. Patrick says:

    Yeah, what’s with all the…ellipses?

  3. I suspect drugs, Patrick. What are you on, Diana?

  4. Nostradamus says:

    I’ve been a lurking fan for a long time. I’m not altogether sure I like this new website of yours. It doesn’t exactly match your Secret Society Girl books or even your upcoming unicorn book. What exactly IS that thing at the top of the website? A jellyfish? A boob? A mammogram? This looks like a beginners sight and you’re so much more than that. You should have something flashier and more dramatic and not so — I don’t know — boring? Sorry to be negative but that’s just my POV. Keep up the great blog.


  5. Diana says:

    Uh, thanks for the feedback… I think? Interesting you don’t think the site matches my books, as it’s actually the EXACT same color as my new cover.

  6. Patrick says:

    Justine – notice how she ignores the drug question yet gets all googlie eyed about colors?