Secret Society Girl ON SALE

Great news for those of you who have not yet been introduced to the glories that are Amy, George, Brandon, Jenny, Clarissa, Lydia, Malcolm… and of course, Poe (and those of you who have and love them and have been trying to get your friends to read):

The entire Secret Society Girl series is currently on sale in ebook format for the low, low price of $7.99 per book!

This is the perfect opportunity to discover these books all over again. Are you a fan of Tammara Weber (Easy) or Jamie McGuire (Beautiful Disaster) or Jessica Park (Flat Out Love) and are looking for other college set (a.k.a. “New Adult”) books? Have you read my YA novels and want to know where it all began? Four fantastic books for you…Check ’em out!

And though I know there are myriad ebook marketplaces where you can go get your Secret Society Girl fix, I thought I’d go ahead and link you to a few of the most popular, for your convenience.

Secret Society Girl:

Under the Rose:

Rites of Spring (Break)

Tap & Gown

* At a few of the e-tailers, we’re still waiting for the new prices to be reflected. Will update when they go live.

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