Signings, Giveaways, and a Few More Reader Reactions

I can’t believe FOR DARKNESS SHOWS THE STARS has been out for almost a month now! Time sure flies when you’re cleaning tree branches off your roof, throwing away every scrap of food in your fridge, and trying to figure out the coolest place in your house to sleep when your power’s been off for five days straight.

Seriously though, my heart goes out to everyone else who has been affected by this storm and I hope that you are keeping cool and hydrated and that your power is soon restored. Ours came back on late on the fourth. We spent the week living like pioneers or campers. Well, pioneers with some serious love for the outlets at the local coffee shop. But I was reminded a lot of the months Sailor Boy and I spent travelling around Australia and New Zealand. We didn’t have phones or other powered objects, slept in a tent, dealt with whatever temperatures we had to, and wore headlamps a lot. (I actually dug out my old headlamp and was reminded how much I love it.)

We were nomads this week, packing Queenie up in the car every morning and heading to museums or the houses of friends and family. We went to sleep when it got dark and rose when the sun came up. We slept on the floor in the basement, Q cuddled in her pack and play right next to us. It was actually really nice to roll over at night and see her sweet sleeping face right beside us. I think she was a little disappointed that she’s been relocated to her crib in her own room at night.

If you aren’t afraid of the heat you can brave tomorrow’s record-breaking temps and come see me at noon at Turn the Page Books in Boonsboro, Maryland, where I’ll be signing with Nora Roberts, as well as:Mariah Stewart, Caridad Pineiro, Virginia Kantra, Karen White, Jennifer L. ArmentroutDavid B. Stinson.

This is my last bookstore signing for a while. My next event is of course, the FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC talk at the Library of Congress on July 18 (also noon, so pack your lunches and come on out) and then there will be a little break until we hit Dragon*Con in Atlanta at the end of the summer. And then it’s book festival mania, with Baltimore, Fairfax, Capclave, and of course, YA’LLFest all upcoming before the end of the year. And in the middle of all of that, I’ll be finishing up revisions on my latest project and hopefully getting a chance to finally tell you all what it is, other than frockalicious.

Let’s see, what happened while I as away from the online world and the modern era?

Alice Marvels is currently holding a giveaway for FOR DARKNESS SHOWS THE STARS. Runs through July 22nd, so you should pop on over there and enter. She also reviews, saying:

“I devoured this book, and felt so full on it for days I didn’t want to replace it in my short term memory with another book’s world (this is known as a book hangover, and it only happens with really powerful stories). It’s hard to imagine wearing down my copy of For Darkness Shows the Stars as much as I have my vintage paperback copy of Persuasion, but I will undoubtedly come close. This is on my precious short list of must re-reads. I just want to be back in the story, experiencing the soaring emotions again—the shocks, betrayals, outrage, and triumphs of well-drawn characters in desperate circumstances.”

A few other recent reviews:

Valia Lind Writes: This story was beautifully crafted and told in a way that would’ve made Jane Austen proud. The world Diana created is unique and realistic, and the relationship she wrote is heartbreaking and powerful. If you love a good romance, this book is for you!

Breaking the Binding: Diana came through and delivered with a book that immediately found its way to the very top of my favorite books from 2012. A little dystopian, a little sci-fi, a little classic, a little steampunk and a lot of awesome. This may be on my list of all time favorite YA Reads as well.

And, because I have other books out as well…

Nyx Book Reviews reminds folks why she loves killer unicorns.

Have a safe and cool weekend!

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