State of the Diana (Feb 2013 Edition)

Oh February, you stunted shrimp of a month. I am not sorry to see you go. You’re never long enough. If I had the two to three more days that I’m owed, maybe I could have done something with you. As is, I’m like, “oh, March?” and simultaneously think OVER SO SOON? and GOOD RIDDANCE, VILE FEBRUARY.

So, anyway. I kind of forgot to keep notes on my writing this month, which is too bad, because I deleted a LOT of words and also wrote a lot of words, but since I didn’t keep track of it like I did back in January, I can’t give you numbers. However, I do know I have 6,700 words that I definitely didn’t have in February, because my manuscript is that much longer, so I suspect, given the number of bad attempts I made at cutting/deleting/replacing over the course of the month (oh, cut file, how i love you), the actual number is closer to 11k.

Which is not so great, compared to last month. Oh well. Can’t all be banners, can they? I’m still doing well for the year. And March is bound to be better, even though it’s starting with Q getting a day and a half off school, and ending with a conference and spring break. (And somewhere in the middle of that I think I’m getting page proofs for Star-Swept). But I’m going to definitely keep track of things again next month. I regret getting out of the habit.

In better news, I sold a short story, visited Florida, did a school visit, revealed the cover for my October book, read a whole bunch of stuff (mostly RITA entries, but also some manuscripts), had some great meals with some great writers (Michelle Hodkin, Kami Garcia, Alethea Kontis…), underwent the apparently exhaustive process of finding a summer school for Q, and planned a whole mess of events for later this year. So, not bad, especially since we’ve all been struggling with a low-grade nastiness around here for the last few weeks.

On the family side, I’ve really been feeling like I’m letting Rio down lately. It’s like I can work and have quality time with Q and do dinners or I can clean and do dinners and walk the dog, or I can walk the dog and have quality time with Q and work — but never all at once. And, sadly, Rio has been getting the short end of the stick — or not, as the case may be. After yesterday’s disastrous escape, this morning I woke to the mellifluous sound of my dog hocking up a half-eaten packet of ramen seasoning. I have NO idea where she may have found it. But it was very orange, and she’s been very thirsty all day. I’m really hoping as the days get longer and warmer, I will be better about taking her out.

Also in March: I get to start on my 2013 Garden (otherwise known as The Year Queenie Starts to Help — and I’ve already been laying the groundwork for that, no pun intended, by telling her exactly what we’re going to plant), and go to the NYC Teen Author Festival. And hopefully have a nice, fat, 30k month.

I’m just going to put that out there. You know, to keep me honest.

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2 Responses to State of the Diana (Feb 2013 Edition)

  1. Bill says:

    A month filled with good and bad but nothing horrendous. Call it a win!

    When is your release date in October? I may have missed the announcement. Pre or post Capclave?

    I like the idea of a garden, not sure I have the follow through to make it go. Not an issue since I don’t have a yard where I could put one.

    • Diana says:

      October 15, so I’ll definitely have copies by then!

      How about container gardening? I used to do herbs and stuff when I lived in an apt.