The Author Photo Poll

Okay guys. My unscientific “whatdya like” post yesterday apparently got responses all over the map, so let’s try it again, but this time: WITH MATH.

I’m picking two sets of author photos here: a new one for Diana (YA and Middle Grade, because my old one, which I love, has short hair and no one recognizes me anymore), and a slightly different one (hopefully flirty and romantic) for “Viv Daniels,” my new romance pen name. These photos have not been edited so don’t worry if there’s weird lighting or I need to erase a stray bra strap or errant hair — all of that can be fixed! Please vote. (You can pick more than one.)

For Viv:

[polldaddy poll=”7376450″]

For Diana:

[polldaddy poll=”7376483″]

Please vote!

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5 Responses to The Author Photo Poll

  1. Camille says:

    I wanted to post something yesterday but i was afraid to sound weird.I’ll do it now, hopefully I won’t sound creepy 😉 (hard to determine the tone on the internet). Basically while all photons look good/great, I wouldn’t pick any where y ou are looking down since we can’t see your eyes (which are a pretty blue- hence my fear of weirdness).

  2. Anna says:

    I’m somewhat in the minority in voting for top left on Viv. Here’s the (high scientific) reason I like it for her: direct eye contact, which suggests confidence (and yes also agree with Camille’s remark above); nice full smile with a hint of mischief; and hair is suitably wispy and romantic. (I was a bit surprised to see the bottom right is winning, not because it isn’t a lovely photo, but to me, it’s more serious, less flirty and romantic.)

    On the photos for Diana, I’m going with top right – I like the slightly off-centre positioning, the smile and the waves in the hair.

  3. Kate & Zena says:

    I am in the minority, but allow me to explain my reasoning.

    For Viv, I picked the top right. I just love the dreamy, yet flirty, eye expression combined with the lighting. I was actually torn between that one and the bottom right one, but I liked the top right because it seemed younger, more artsy and dreamier. I tend to be more about less traditional portraits anyway.

    For your regular portrait, I choose the bottom middle as it’s perfect the way it is. Plus, I think it’s the most “you.” You’re young, quirky, and there seems to be a little sass with the unusual camera angle. I tend to like that you have your dark undereye circles showing as it shows you aren’t perfect and it hails to your given profession (heck, I have them too! And bags! I’m not an author either! Pure genetics! I hope you don’t Photoshop them out. I think they make you more human.) I love how the blue metal background emphasizes your eye color too.

    By the way….where ever did you get your blouse? I love it!

    • Diana says:

      Dear lord, Kate, there will be NO dark undereye circles on my author photo! These aren’t edited yet.

      The blouse is from zulily, which is one of those flash sale sites. I can’t remember the designer and unfortunately I clipped the tag out because sometimes I wear it backwards. Which actually, makes it perfect for these photos because I love the top of the shirt and the material but I kind of hate the bottom which has all these weird gathers and is this “hi lo” thing.

      • Kate & Zena says:

        Hey, I thought I would try. 🙂 Of course, if I had your job and had the power to magically erase them….I probably would too. I’d keep the scars as I am quite proud of them, not the circles.

        Oh, I find myself 90% cutting out tags. My hypersensitive skin just can’t tolerate them. I can’t stand seeing tags sticking out either (Have you ever seen the 8 Simple Rules Christmas episode where Kaley Cuoco’s character keeps trying to tuck in the lady’s tag in front of her at church? Yea, that’s me.) so I hack them out.