This Awesome Morning

So I got up on the rightest side of the bed this morning. To start with, it’s a gorgeous day outside. Bright and clear, not too cold. And I was in a good mood already because I did some serious work yesterday, and I’m still buzzing from that.

And then I found out that is recommending RAMPANT on it’s 2009 holiday gift buying guide, What To Give, What To Get.

And then Phoebe Eating shared her thoughts on Rampant:

“It was the premise (in four words: “girls hunt killer unicorns”) that initially drew me in, but the fantastic, battle-strewn plotting and frantic pace that kept me there. For the first time in ages, I stayed up late–too late!–to read, consuming the entire book in two big night-time chunks.”


“Peterfreund puts a remarkable deal of care into crafting her urban-fantasy world, particularly the mythology behind the unicorns. We’re given a small handful of bloodthirsty species, and she even manages to make two unicorns into believable characters. Though one unicorn, Bonegrinder, is tame, she certainly isn’t a saccharine-Lisa-Frank-kind-of unicorn, but instead a gritty, feisty, and fiercely loyal killer.”

It’s possible Bonegrinder and Phil are going to have to have a cage match for “most popular character in Rampant.

And then, to my surprise, some reviews popped up of Secret Society Girl. Like Helgagrace’s:

“…an action-packed series opener that had me eagerly ordering the second book through ILL.”

And Sarah at Everygirl Blog:

“Usually when I read YA or chick-lit (of which this could be considered both), I find that I dislike the characters. This is an exception. I love Amy and her spunky, bold personality. I love that she has real problems (best friend in love with her, roommate issues, making the grade on that final paper, boy troubles) in addition to her heavy Rose & Grave issues. And the guys in the book—swoon. Oh, boys. I love a good male character who I can fall in love with and, honestly, these books have more than one! Sure, it might not be as problematic as the Team Edward v. Team Jacob debate, but I bet some arguments could ensue about just who is best for Amy.”

And, last but CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, Alexa Barry makes my day complete by naming Astrid & Giovanni #6 on her top 10 favorite literary couples of 2009. She shares one of their more… um, close scenes… then says, “Seriously, after this, I don’t know how you’re still a Unicorn Hunter, Astrid!” LOL

Okay then! And now I’m off to squander my good mood making the dogs and house look presentable again. It’s very muddy outside.

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4 Responses to This Awesome Morning

  1. PurpleRanger says:

    Do you think the dogs would enjoy a shower, Diana?

  2. Tiff I says:

    I love mornings like this!

    And I clearly need to read RAMPANT again since I could barely remember Alexa’s scene…but man, was it hot!

  3. Amee says:

    I want to read Rampant so badly! I may have to give up my wait for the paperback and use Christmas money to buy it. Congrats on the great reviews! 🙂

  4. Phoebe says:

    Ahh! I just that you’d linked here via google analytics and I’m so, so flattered.

    Thank you so much for writing Rampant, Diana. I really loved it–it dealt with some big, important, and fascinating questions, and I’ve been having fun recommending it to others!