Neither Sailor Boy nor I have been getting much sleep. At first we tried Rio tethered to the bed (per the German-Shepherd-training Monks of New Skete), but I kept waking up every hour to make sure she hadn’t strangled herself with the leash. Then we tried letting her sleep in her crate next to her bed, which I loved, because I knew she was safe in there, and also, I thought it gave her a more relaxed, restful night. But Sailor Boy kept waking up every hour to see if she was restless or needed to go out, and said he couldn’t see her inside her crate as easily as he could when she was just out in the open. I still think the crate idea is the best, even if it takes me being on patrol duty instead of SB.

So since I got the good night’s sleep last night, it’s my job today to go grocery shopping and finish packing up our old apartment. The moving process has been made very difficult by the fact that the week we moved, our apartment had a HUGE fire in the garage, so the area where you throw stuff away is off limits, and they’ve made us move all our cars while they pressure wash the entire place. Which meant I moved my china out in a SEA of sooty mud the other day. My cool slip on sneakers are destroyed.

So that makes two pair of shoes destroyed this week. Oh, yeah. Rio’s a chewer. SB and I have the marks on our noses, ears, feet, and hands to prove it.

Still, she’s a doll face. A dollface with very sharp little milk teeth. We have been working very hard on convincing her what she can and cannot eat. We’ve got a house filled with chew toys to hand to her whenever she starts getting mouthy with a “forbidden” item. She’s already discovered the two best places to sleep in the kitchen: over the AC vents. She’s mad about a peanut-butter filled kong (though we have learned a lesson about giving her one too late at night, lest we bear the wrath of Hyper-puppy!), and she has already made friends with all our new neighbors. Today, SB and I took her over to a nearby park and played hide and seek with her in the jungle gym. I can’t believe she already knows her name! She loves to come running to us. She follows SB wherever he goes, and whines every time he’s out of sight. She loves other dogs and children. She loves to chase and be chased when it comes to other dogs. She loves frisbees.

So between Rio and writing, my house is still in boxes. Unfortunately, we knocked over one last night and broke a whole bunch of our dishes. YIKES!

Right, back to packing…

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  1. I’ll graciously help you with the no sleep thing–just give me the puppy. 🙂 Problem solved!

  2. JulieLeto says:

    Stick to the crate. It’s the best way, honestly.

    And start watching Dog Whisperer on the Discovery Channel (you do have regular television now, right?) If not, read his book. He doesn’t deal with puppies a lot on the show, but he does talk about a lot of behaviors that if they hadn’t started so early, wouldn’t have been so hard to break.

    And try and get a nap!

  3. Nessa says:

    Go with the crate. We brought home our new labradoodle (Sirius) on Friday. He sleeps in his crate in our room and he snoozes all night long. We watch him when he is out of the crate, so far no loss of shoes or accidents. The almsot in-laws are over and Sirius is terrified of their two yorkies. He is 3 times their size.

    I have heard that the books by the Dog Whisper and the Cesar’s Way book are really good. We are going to start puppy training classes on Friday at Pet Smart. They have a really good class. 🙂

  4. Trish says:

    I’m pro-crate, as well. We always treated Sonic’s crate like his own special place and never used it for punishment and he loved it. Now he’s a “big boy” and can be trusted free in the house, so we don’t use the crate anymore.

  5. Phyllis Towzey says:

    We have these cool pop-up vinyl crates we bought at Target (not expensive) for our 5 pound Yorkie and our 50 pound mixed breed (luckily they come in a variety of sizes). Great if you have to travel with your dog be/c they fold up very small. (We got them for huricane evacuation). Our dogs love them — we leave them open at home and they like to sleep in there. Not so good for penning up the Yorkie, however, because she learned how to unzip it.

    Have fun with your pup!

  6. Liza says:

    The crate will end up being best in the long run, unless you want her on your bed. Eventually you can even leave the door open and she will probably nap there(my dad’s lab does).

  7. Diana says:

    We had her in the crate last night as well and it was a DREAM. SB had the closet light angled so he could see her and she rested a lot better. She’s really learning to love her crate. She’ll hang out inside of it all the time. I think it helps that we feed her in there as well and everytime we tell her to go inside we give her an ice cube. Girl loves her ice cubes.

  8. Vicki says:

    Really the crate is the best thing. It will also help with the potty training.

    She is so cute, I’m not sure how you’re getting any writing done right now. Really sorry about the shoes and the broken dishes.

  9. Nelly says:

    Such cute puppy!

    And yes, from experience crate training works the best because they are safe and learn to let you know when they have to go to the bathroom vs. being out and about freely.

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