To the Brim

My mind is going in a million different directions these days.

I’ve been typing all day with one eye on Rio, trying to discern from every little sigh and moan and how long she’s been napping and how much she’s been eating, how she’s feeling and if she’s getting better. It kills me that we aren’t sure what’s wrong, and so we aren’t sure if what we’re doing is helping or what would indicate recovery (other than eating). She’s been eating, some, though certainly not as much as usual, and everything appears to be in working order. But I can’t see her liver and her liver is what is worrying the vet. She seems low energy/spirits today, but it has been gray and snowy out, which always signals “nap day” for my pup. She did rouse herself this evening to go bark at the squirrels in the backyard, and when I came home tonight she was standing on the back of the couch, tail wagging, and watching me through the window. These are things she didn’t do while sick.

But her nose is dry. And she left chicken in her bowl. And she still seems sad. I don’t know if she’s still fighting off the illness or she’s just mad at us for leaving her in the hospital all weekend.

I’m also dealing with other major household diversions of the non-Rio variety. I think it may be time for some outside writing dates. Jess, Lavinia, call me.

I also just have too many darn projects on my plate right now. Plus the siren call of promotion for my upcoming releases, website updates, reviews that have just started trickling in, and the awful chirp of twitter @replies.

Is it any wonder I’m going a little nuts?

Oh, for a writing retreat. Unplug, get out of the house, put my head in one project and FINISH it. Then again, this whole thing with Rio started the last time I left town, and I don’t like leaving while she’s still under the weather.

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8 Responses to To the Brim

  1. Tiff says:

    Oh, poor Rio. It’s good that she’s eating a little, at least. =( Keeping her in my thoughts…I hate it when animals are sick.

    Totally understand the need for a writing retreat…I’m desperate for one.

  2. Phyllis Towzey says:

    Hope Rio is OK — dogs and babies are the most frustrating when they are sick, since they can’t tell you what’s wrong. 🙁

  3. Amy says:

    aww… poor sick puppy. I hope Rio gets better… I know little about dogs, seeing as I don’t have one, but if Rio’s all perky and happy again when you come home that’s got to mean something good.

  4. Kate & Zena says:

    It’s okay if your pup’s nose is dry, Diana! Zena’s gets dry all the time! It means nothin’! (Seriously, I obsess when my pup is sick too. I can safely assure you the nose wet = healthy, nose dry = sick thing is completely false.)

    My aunt’s dog just recovered from pancreatitis and I had to beat her over the head because she had been feeding her dog ALL THE WRONG THINGS, including dog food (Um, walmart brand dog food = not good dog food.) I gave her the longest lecture on what foods you can and cannot give a dog followed by the dog food lecture.

    What are you feeding Rio right now?

  5. Diana says:

    Kate and Zena, this is far beyond the usual dry nose thing. I’m talking about major cracks and open sores on her nose, and constant licking that can be a sign of either dehydration or nausea. She was in the hospital all weekend and the doctor told us what to watch for.

    She has always eaten very high quality kibble (4 stars or higher on the dog food analysis website) but right now, she’s eating whatever she will take, as the doctor instructed, since she’s lost an extreme amount of weight due to her ongoing health problems.

  6. Kate & Zena says:

    @Diana – !!!!!! The poor puppy doggie! Have you tried putting some petroleum jelly on to soothe her nose? The jelly is deeply moisturizing and it won’t irritate her sores and cracks (dirt cheap too.) There’s an all natural one called Bag Balm that was made in mind with animals, but humans use it too because it’s so moisturizing (you can’t miss it as it’s a dark green tin.)

    Have you looked at Addison’s Disease? Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers (I’m now dubbing it NSDTR; too long to type out) have a history of Addison’s. You might want to check if she has Addison’s Disease, especially if she has lost a lot of weight, been nauseous, vomiting, had diarrhea and/or isn’t eating.

    I hope she gets well soon!


    P.S. Zena’s favorite thing is eggs and bacon grease. I have no idea why this is (as is looks absolutely disgusting), but she LOVES eggs and bacon grease. She jumps up and down for it. Her other favorite–white rice and boiled chicken (that’s her “I’m not feeling well” meal…or her birthday meal.)

  7. Diana says:

    Thanks Kate. Actually, she’s going to see a specialist tomorrow and Addison’s is one of the things we’re looking at. I still have my fingers crossed that it’s just a random infection no one has quite been able to pinpoint.

    Eggs and bacon grease might be a plan. We have her on eggs now to increase her albumin levels, but we give it to her with peanut butter.

  8. Kate & Zena says:

    I hope the specialist finds out what’s wrong. It’s so hard to have a sick puppy. You stay up all night just to make sure they’re breathing, gnawing on your fingernails.

    If eggs and bacon grease doesn’t do it, try beef broth (or bouillon) over eggs or rice. Most dogs prefer beef over anything else. Zena is horrible on stew night! I want to kick her outdoors, but then I know she’ll launch herself against the backdoor barking and yipping. I don’t trust leaving my 37 pound Decker Terrier outside for 20 minutes battling the common day aluminum swinging back door to eat in some sort of peace. I think the door would lose to Mighty Terrier Strength.