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In other news, check out this recent Publisher’s Marketplace announcement:

Shawn Klomparens’ first novel JESSICA Z., about a self-conscious twenty-something searching for her place in an adjacent future where bus bombings and suicide explosions have become a fact of life, to Kerri Buckley at Bantam Dell, in a two-book deal, by Jack Scovil of Scovil Chichak Galen Literary Agency (world).

Doesn’t that sound fascinating? That Kerri Buckley sure has exquisite taste. I wonder how I can get my hands on an ARC. Congratulations to Bantam Dell, and to the writer for scoring such a talented (and cute) editor.

More Bantam Dell developments:

Jaci Burton’s DEMON ON THE RUN, a continuation of the Demon Hunter series, in which a demon hunter must find and protect the woman who might hold the key to the ultimate demon power, to Shauna Summers at Bantam Dell, in a very nice deal, in a two-book deal, by Deidre Knight at The Knight Agency (world English).

Yay, more Demon Hunter books! Way to go, Jaci and Deidre!

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  1. Heather Harper says:

    At what point should an unpubbed author pay for a PM subscription? I get the free daily lunch, but it doesn’t really offer much info.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Diana Peterfreund says:

    Now there’s an anonymous I can get behind!

    Heather, I’d get PM as soon as you want to. It’s excellent industry research. For instance, with my daily checking of the lunch deals, I was able to see the chick lit market trending down, the paranormal romance market trending up, the YA market trending up, etc. etc. Yes, that stuff is all over the industry news, but with PM, you see who is buying and what they ARE buying — you also see which agents tend to sell what kind of stuff and to whom. If you’re looking for an agent, it’s a must-have.

    Also, you can do it for one month, and spend the time searching the archives, which go back years. 20 bucks well spent, IMO.

  4. Bill Clark says:

    Having read Surviving Demon Island (thanks to your recommendation – and yes, the Gina role would indeed be perfect for Angelina Jolie!), I am excited to hear that seqels are in the works. Are we talking another tetralogy here?

  5. Sea Anonymi says:


  6. Rachel Vincent says:

    Congratulations to both Shawn and Jaci!

  7. Heather Harper says:

    Thanks for the helpful answer. 🙂

  8. phyllis towzey says:

    I think Complete Stranger has every right to complain about the content of your blog. Afterall, they paid good money for their subscription — oh, no, wait, that’s right, it’s free. Well, you promised Complete Stranger that you would only blog about — well, no, I guess that’s not right, either. But, since you and Complete Stranger are such close colleagues surely he/she has the right to expect — oh, that’s right, you’ve never met them, hence the name Complete Stranger.

    Hmm. Nevermind, then. Blog on as usual.

    😉 LOVE your blog, Diana. For all the reasons you mentioned.

  9. Jaci Burton says:


    Thanks Diana! And thanks Bill!

    And I agree about Publisher’s Marketplace. I love knowing what’s selling out there.