Two Days Before Dragon*Con

But first: To the person who, unfortunately, landed on my non-fiction page in a quest to discover if “UGLIES is considered a fiction or non-fiction book”: It’s fiction, dude. FICTION. And no, not all fiction is fantasy. I sometimes have this conversation with people who tell me they don’t read fiction, and that their favorite book is like, The Kite Runner or The Da Vinci Code or something. Fiction means made up. Not necessarily that it’s got hobbits and magic wands.

Okay, moving along. So I’m headed out to Dragon*Con in two days, and I’m still trying to put my costumes together. My first costume is totally awesome. I’ll have pictures soon. It’s supposed to have gloves, but it’s Atlanta on Labor Day weekend and I can’t tell you how much that’s not happening. My second costume is…. problematic. It’s supposed to be steampunk, but as I put the various and sundry elements together I realized I may have overdosed on the steam and underdosed on the punk. It’s currently sort of this unacceptable mix of Victorian schoolmarm and can-can dancer. So I need to figure out how I can fix that…. in two days. part of the problem, i think is that it’s black, white, and silver, which sort of X-es out all those cool copper steampunk accoutrements. And I really don’t want to lose the silver.

These are the current elements:

black and white striped detachable bustle:

This is about calf length in the back and hip length in the front. It’s very frustrating since, a few inches longer and I could just wear this as a skirt.

My awesome black and silver crinoline:

This pictures doesn’t really do it justice. It’s so big and poofy, and the silver trim is actually lamé. I love it. SB says it’s too poofy and detracts from the bustle though.

And then, a top:

So… that’s what I’ve got. Plus about a million different black or white skirts I’ve tried on with it, from the short to the long from the poofy to the slim, and a ton of other black or white shirts… oh, and my suede lace up boots, which are perfect.

I think if I can find a cool steampunk pattern cloth in the fabric store, I might make a gathered overskirt to go over the crinoline and under the bustle, and then I can probably find a waist cincher pattern online somewhere and I can make the same material. The material is the tricky part. Maybe I can stencil. Will have to be done quickly too.

OR, maybe I can borrow my friends cool overcoat. that might go really well with this. I’ll ask her.

I’m open to suggestions.

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5 Responses to Two Days Before Dragon*Con

  1. Tiff says:

    Am I a loser because I had to look up steampunk? Or am I a loser because I realized that I’ve always loved steampunk and never bothered to learn its name?

    My suggestion is silver or black leggings or tights that are torn. I think that will add to the punkiness of the outfit without losing steam. If you can find, like, Victorian tights that you can trash a bit, even better. But I think even a regular pair of opaque black nylon tights from the drugstore will do the trick. If you want something a little more interesting and cheap, Forever21 has loads of crazy leggings right now.

    (I can’t believe I just suggested F21 to Diana Peterfreund. I’m like, the fast fashion devil.)

  2. Diana says:

    That’s okay, Tiff. I actually got the shirt you see at H&M, which appears to have gone all-neo-Victorian this season. I was awash in steampunky options!

    I guess I should clarify. It’s not supposed to be actually “punk” in the sense of orange hair and gothic ripped up stuff. What I meant was that all the elements of my outfit were too Victorian without being enough retrofuturistic, which is the element of steampunk I find most intriguing. Clockwork and automatons and airship pirates and such.

    I think I’ve solved the problem now, though. Pictures to come! 😉

  3. PurpleRanger says:

    Diana, I think I’ve already given you all the advice I can. I might suggest one last thing: If you can make a batch of 312s and carry a flask/pitcher of them around with you during the evenings, you might find yourself attracting a following.

    Oh, and if you can, be sure to attend any concert given by a filker named Tom Smith.

  4. It was great meeting you at breakfast 🙂

  5. aubrey says:


    Is your secret project #3 really projected to be 800,000 words?! Just saw it on your progress bar and was curious!

    If so, keep on writing and good luck!