Two New Releases! Today!

I apologize for the excess of quotation marks, but how often does that happen? (Well, aside from that one time last year when I had two anthologies out from Random House on the same day. Nevermind.)

But there’s good reason behind my excitement. Today  have not one but TWO new releases out in the world.

ForDarknessShowsPB-smallThe first, is the long-awaited FOR DARKNESS SHOWS THE STARS paperback. This “Extras” editions includes all kinds of goodies, like a letter from yours truly about my inspirations and research for the book, as well as an exclusive short story, “Shooting Stars” that takes place after the end of the book. All of you who wanted to know what happens after — here’s the place to find it. And and and, there’s also a nice long excerpt from ACROSS A STAR-SWEPT SEA in there. The whole first chapter, to be exact. Oooooh. Ahhhh.

I love this edition. I did an “Extras” when the Rampant paperback came out, but it was before I’d discovered the glories of short stories and I don’t think I took full advantage of the opportunity that the paperback represented. I’m much smarter now, in my old age. 🙂 Lists and stuff — that’s too easy. I give you swoony epilogues now instead.

So check it out!

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But that’s not all (she said, like a game show host). Also out today is your first glimpse at the glorious world of New Pacifica, the setting of Across a Star-Swept Sea (the FDSTS companion novel coming out in October). That’s right, folks, the long-awaited prequel, “The First Star to Fall” is on sale now!


Discover how it all began…

New Pacifica was designed to be a tropical paradise, a refuge for humanity filled with natural wonders and technological marvels. A place of perfect peace, where “war” was only a war out of ancient history–or so the privileged teenage aristocrat Persis Blake had always been taught.

But then comes the revolution and the death of a queen, and suddenly it’s no longer enough for Persis to trust the words of her parents, the lessons of her teachers, and the decrees of the men in power.

One terrible night, Persis witnesses the truth: there are those who will stop at nothing to destroy her world… but is there anyone who could save it?

Only $0.99 cents! Buy now:
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So if you want to meet Persis and some of her friends and discover what’s to come… or if you just can’t wait a SECOND longer to read more about the world of the Reduction… you’re in luck. All this, available now.

I’m so excited. I hope you are, too. (Wait, one more exclamation point.) I hope you are too!

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7 Responses to Two New Releases! Today!

  1. Camille says:

    This is AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is so amazing!! Congrats! 🙂

  3. Pili says:

    Clearly, I’ll have to buy the paperback full of extras!!

    And yes, so excited about The First Star To Fall!! Read it last night and loved it! Can’t wait to read more about Persis!!

  4. Alexa Y. says:

    Congratulations! Even though I have a hardcover of FDSTS, I think I really really want to grab a paperback copy. Just because 😉 And always, yay about this prequel!