Two things of note

I’m swamped with work right now, so you probably aren’t going to see much of me until after the new year.

But I did want to share with you two things. Thing the first is from my fan community, a highly amusing fan imagining of what would happen if Astrid Llewelyn joined Rose & Grave. (Which, obviously, she would first have to graduate from high school, then matriculate to Eli, then do really well there for four years, then decide that the only thing she wants to do, having escaped her nunnery, is tie herself to another old musty building filled with bones two days a week. Which is a stretch, but let’s just run with it.)

Speaking of secret society buildings, yes I have been pointed to this video of what they are calling “allegedly” Skull & Bones. I can tell you: nothing alleged about it. That is indeed the COURTYARD of the Skull & Bones* tomb on the Yale campus. Let’s give the dude a prize for hopping the fence with a video camera. Please note: you can actually see this courtyard for yourself by going to New Haven and peeking in down the alley between the tomb and one of the Art History buildings. (This is why, in Under the Rose, the knights lose that statue they have to break into Dragon’s Head to retrieve. It’s because it’s in the courtyard, and anyone who wants can just hop in and take it.) The “underground” portion in the video is a cistern/construction site, because, as they teach you in introductory Geology classes at Yale, the foundation of the Skull & Bones building was laid wrong, and is crumbling, and periodically needs to be reinforced. When I was at Yale, you would constantly see construction workers wandering in and out of the Skull & Bones tomb.

If anything, this video merely reinforces the message of the SSG books, which is thatthese places are not as mysterious and unreachable as you think.

Oh, and if you look there’s MUCH better footage of the tomb available on the internet. No, I won’t tell you where.


* I have reached a point where I don’t know if I’m talking about real places or fake places anymore. I had to stop myself from typing Rose & Grave just then.

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8 Responses to Two things of note

  1. Natvalls says:

    I guess that if there’s a Puck in this R&G class and he’s interested in our Astrid… He will have a hard time conquering her.

  2. Carrie Ryan says:

    My fave part of that video is that they have the same cheap plastic Adirondack chairs in their courtyard that we have on our porch (at least ours are pretty colors!). I’d have expected something a little more… wrought iron or something from S&B 🙂

  3. PurpleRanger says:

    *BLUSH* I’m glad you liked it, Diana. And you know, after the Cloisters, hunting unicorns, and everything else, Astrid might consider R&G a vacation.

  4. Tiff I says:

    PurpleRanger cracks me up.

    I watched that video, super-excited that I was going to get some insider S&B action…but he doesn’t even go inside. I want to see inside! =)

  5. Rhiannon says:

    Personally, I’m most excited about the new progress bar over to the right.

  6. Diana says:

    Oh, you mean because of “Ku3?” Yeah, notice also that it isn’t started. Because it isn’t sold.

  7. Rhiannon says:

    oh well. At least there is possibility of KU3. (In a perfect world) Would you intend it to be a trilogy, or an indefinite series? Or a series with a definite end?

  8. Diana says:

    Astrid’s story is (ideally) a trilogy. That doesn’t mean there are no other stories set in that world, though. In fact, there are two more coming out next year.

    It’s kind of like how Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies series was a trilogy from Tally’s POV, but then there was another story