Unicop of the Future

Yes, I have seen the Robocop on a Unicorn set at Flickr. I find it hilarious that such a set exists, but that’s the internet for you. This is my favorite (by Daniel Andrews).

I think I like it best because it’s the most “killer” of all the unicorns. Though of course, the unicorns in my book are not the kind that can be ridden. They aren’t even all that horse-like, to be honest. (Then again, neither are traditional unicorns.) My editor actually told me a funny story from one early in-house conversation about the cover, where someone asked her if they should depict Astrid on top of a unicorn. Her response? “Not unless she’s in the process of slitting its throat.”

Let’s just say that didn’t make it into the final design. Which I’m dying to show you. The cover is actually quite beautiful and not gory in the least. There’s plenty of both in the book.

Part of me feels like I can say, “killer unicorns” until the end of days and I will still not have convinced some people that I mean it. Not unlike that whole confusion about whether or not the unicorn played the love interest thing a while back. Which, still no. And ick.

On a related note (I promise!) I went to see THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES last weekend. I have mixed feelings about it, though I thought the acting was superb, and I only wished there was more singing (come on, Queen Latifah, Alicia Keys, and Jennifer Hudson in one film and not nearly enough singing!). But Tristan Wilds was in it, too, and I kind of have a crush on him right now. He’s the ONLY reason I watch the otherwise vastly disappointing resurrected 90210, and I admit, I mostly watch that because there’s part of me that wonders if Dixon is what Michael might have become had he been given a different choice in his life. then again, Dixon doesn’t seem to have that coldness in him, so maybe he’s what Dookie would have become.

Lord, I miss The Wire. It’s pointless, trying to picture impoverished Baltimore street kids in Beverly Hills, or trying to imagine the kind of depth in 90210 that you got on The Wire. But a girl can dream. And Michael was awesome. And I did watch a lot of Moonlight dreck for a few scenes with Jason Dohring (Logan from Veronica Mars). So there’s precedent of me following lesser shows because I love the actors. I wish Dohring would get another job. I bet Wilds is making way more as a principle on The CW than he was as a supporting player in The Wire.

Anyway, to get to the point, I was talking with my editor last week about fake-casting Rampant, and I know I’ve said before that Amanda Seyfried would make an excellent Phil. I think that Tristan Wilds would make an excellent Giovanni. And he’s actually the right age in real life: 19. Now all I need is an Astrid.

I’ll keep you posted.

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