What I’m Excited About Today

Thing the First

Tonight, they are showing this on PBS. Yay, Chess! I love Chess!

Actually, I’ve never seen Chess. But I was totally obsessed with the soundtrack in high school.

Thing the Second

This awesome review of Rampant at Sharon Loves Books and Cats:

I do not usually review books this soon before the publication date, but I am just so excited about Rampant. I have to share how awesome Rampant was with the entire blogosphere! If ever there was a book to question my loyalty to team zombie, it would be Rampant.

Then the review goes on to say some really nice things about my hero, Astrid, and the other characters:

Astrid was a very emotionally complex character. Throughout much of Rampant Astrid struggles with her role as a unicorn hunter. This was one of my favorite things about her character and about Rampant. I just loved Astrid! Astrid’s older cousin Phil also had issues with being a unicorn hunter. Phil is a vegetarian who is at odds with unicorn hunting. It was fascinating to see how both Phil and Astrid handled their roles as hunters. In general, all of the unicorn hunters came from a variety of backgrounds. It was refreshing to see such a diverse set of characters.

And then she announces that she’s giving away her copy of the ARC. So if you want a very valuable, very rare Rampant ARC (seriously, I don’t have any), head on over there!

Thing the Third

I’m still buzzing from the awesome signing down in Tampa this weekend. Great fellowship, great turnout, and lovely hospitality from the folks at the Dale Mabry Borders (they even brought us fresh cookies!) You can see a few write ups of the event on Roxanne St. Claire’s post at Murder She Writes, on Terri Garey’s post at Writers at Play, and at the Examiner (this last one took, shall we say, a few “liberties” with facts about me — to start with, the first short story I ever tried writing for publication was in March of 2009).

And look who I met! Patrick the Spacelord! Isn’t he a cutie? He drove all the way over from the other side of the state to come to the signing, then vanished before I had a chance to talk to him — or introduce him to Roxanne St. Claire, who lives in his neck of the woods and would be very happy if the Spacelord were to show up at a Spacecoast Authors of Romance meeting one of these days soon (hint, hint, Pat).

I also met Trish Doller and her lovely daughter and mom (and boy, that picture turned out bad, for all of us, so no way you’re going to see it), as well as Brooke of Brooke’s Reviews.

Thing the Fourth

I’m kind of super-excited about an unexpected turn my manuscript took yesterday. Like, really excited. And scared. Scared, but excited. However, this will mean heading out to buy a new color of post-it note for my plot board.

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5 Responses to What I’m Excited About Today

  1. Patrick says:

    Wow! I AM a cutie!!!

    I emailed Rocki already. She knows I am coming to the next meeting. 🙂 Thanks!!!

  2. Marwa Ayad says:

    I actually can’t wait to read RAMPANT. You’re a great writer, Diana, and you were definitely one of my inspirations when I started writing my currently-published, national-bestselling novel. 🙂

  3. Tiff says:

    Ha! Marwa, if that was shameless self-promotion, you got me. Any chance your book will be available in Canada any time soon?

    I’ve always wanted to see Chess. No one puts it on as a musical nowadays. We need a Broadway revival now!

    I’m pretty excited about Rampant…by the way, Diana, thanks to me reading about you envisioning monsters, I was able to answer a riddle about unicorns in last week’s Grad School trivia night to win my team the round! Unicorn lore is USEFUL.

  4. PurpleRanger says:

    I’m sure you remember the song “One Night In Bangkok,” but did you know that it was sung by Anthony Stewart Head’d brother?

  5. yeah for you loving my review. *squee!*