What I’ve Been Up To and Giveaway Winners

This blog has been sorely neglected lately. I know this because most of my recent blog posts start out with, “This blog has been sorely neglected lately,” or some variation thereof. I have been doing a lot of guest blogging (in fact I’ve got another coming up tomorrow!), but I’ve also had a lot of other stuff on my plate, such as:

  • FInishing up the final-final edits for Killer Unicorns Book 2, which has a (secret) title and will soon have a (secret) cover! It also has a not-so-secret release date of September 21, 2010. Mark your calendars, folks.
  • Working on a short story set in the unicorn world that will be coming out — W00T! — next summer.
  • Filming television appearances. Oh, yeah. Sadly, the show will not be airing in the DC market or in my hometown in Florida, which means the two people in the world most excited to see it (me and my dad) will have to wait for the video version. Sad face. But maybe you can see it. Check here to find your local listing.
  • Adopting out our most recent TempDog. Here he is cuddling, which is what this TempDog did best, aside from play with Rio. He was by far the most affectionate and cuddly TempDog we’ve ever had, and I cried a lot last week when he went away. (Rio misses him too. She’s been moping around the house ever since.


  • Making my awesome dragonslayer Halloween costume. Here is a close-up picture of the dragon:

No, I’m not a unicorn slayer. There are two reasons for this. 1) Unicorn hunters have boring costumes: cargo pants, t-shirts, and bows. 2) I don’t know any such thing as unicorn slayers, actually. My books are about unicorn hunters. The difference is kind of the point.

  • Preparing to write my NaNoWriMo manuscript, which, um, I’ve not really been able to work on in the past two days, and likely won’t be able to work on today or tomorrow either, because of the aforementioned deadlines.

Where was I? Right, Giveaway Winners. The winner of the Robin Wasserman Giveaway is TRAVIS at COMMENT #2!

And I promise to be a better blogger. Upcoming: Fun NaNo tips, the second part of my Nice Guys post, and more!

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3 Responses to What I’ve Been Up To and Giveaway Winners

  1. Heather says:

    Way to go Diana on your finishing your Final Final edits. I noticed the tracker was complete. I am sure it always an accomplishment to get to this point of the writing process.

  2. Ramola says:

    Just a question about writing. Should I write my manuscript in double space? And if so do I need to make it extra long so its the same as not being double spaced?

  3. Diana says:

    Ramola, your manuscript should be double spaced when you submit it to an agent or editor (you can *write* it in whatever spacing you want to. Sometimes, for fun, I write my manuscript in fun fonts. CTRL-A and then change the font and spacing to standard MS format.) Click here for more info on correct manuscript format.

    I’m not sure what you mean by extra long. It has the same number of words in it double spaced as it does single spaced. Additionally, when you see somewhere that someone is looking for “a 200 page manuscript” they mean double spaced. So don’t worry about the length of your book single spaced. The only number that counts is what it is double spaced.

    Oh! And before I forget! Double spaced is not achieved by manually pressing return between each line. You can set it up in the “format” section of your word processing program. Ditto for putting page numbers and your name in the top of each page (use the “header” function) and starting each chapter on a new page (use the “page break” function). Will save you a TON of time and heartache and busywork.